Paying attention to your demographics and the amount of aluminum vehicles available to work on will let you know how demanding the need is for those technicians that can work on them. Still, even if it is slow now, it will increase. Take this time to get into classes and prepare yourself.

Another suggestion is to study nearby dealerships and watch their sales of aluminum-bodied vehicles. Next, you will want to gauge the local competition, i.e. other PDR technicians or shops. Dealerships are going to begin to demand work or repairs to be done on these vehicles and if possible, you need to get your foot in the door. The only way to do this is to get the education and certifications by car manufacturer’s giving you permission to work on their manufactured vehicles.

Programs such as Tesla are provided for the collision repair industry and will educate you on what you need to be able to work on their vehicles. This process will be the same for all such vehicles. Each manufacturer has its own set of requirements that must be followed.

Shops and dealerships everywhere are having a very difficult time finding qualified technicians. Pretty much, if you are trained and certified, your prices are your own. You can really stand to make quite a bit of money if you position yourself well.

Referring back to Tesla, they have a unique bonding process for paneling and structure components. They take a combination of speed and patience. If you mess up, you mess up the additional panels you’re connecting to. It has to be done right the first time which requires a trained eye to make sure the lines and fit are right.