Training for certification with, for instance, Tesla, requires a new and open minded attitude. The concept is so different that most are inclined to reject the process.

The investment of both time and finances, while getting certified, will be well worth the effort as you can bring in twice the revenue a steel-bodied vehicle can bring. That’s just a starting point, in most cases, its triple the amount.

Since the aluminum repair market is still in its early stages, there are many shops and local groups that are holding clinics or workshops to educate customers and insurance companies. These types of workshops are popping up all over the US and can and quite often are including representatives from places like Tesla or others that are manufacturing these aluminum vehicles.

These workshops strive to really drive home just how serious the need for repairers is and just how important it is to know the risks in taking the vehicle to a shop or technician for repairs that they just aren’t equipped or educated to do.

If you take the time now to position yourself in these latest technologies, you can be certain that you can and will secure your position in the community as the go to expert in all things aluminum. Not a bad title to sport.

Fortunately for you, we offer courses on how to work with aluminum and are very much on the cutting edge of these changes. Our mission is to produce the best technicians available and give you every opportunity for success. If you are not already a student, give us a call so that we can discuss your future. Your choices and your dreams determine the rest of your life. If the collision industry is fascinating to you, as it is for many, this is the right place to put the ball in motion. Our staff are highly trained and experienced and can make this learning experience the best you have ever had.