East Coast PDR Training Curriculum:


✓ Introduction to PDR and explanation of different styles of dents

✓ Orientation and demonstration of the Paintless Dent Repair process

✓ Explanation of damage theory and description of metal characteristics

✓ How to properly read the dent light and proper use of the reflective lined board

✓ Tool location exercises on practice panels

✓ High point recognition and techniques for removing them

✓ Removal of small lows

✓ Removal of quarter size dents under braces

east-coast-paintless-dent-removal✓ Removal medium size dents

✓ Perfecting small and medium size damage

✓ Deep and larger sized dents

✓ Perfecting deeper and larger size damage

✓ Techniques for removing hail damage, creases, bodyline damage, pressure dents, smiles, and crowns

✓ Review all access points for all panels of the vehicle to insure a “drill-free” technique

✓ Work on all panels of vehicles on a variety of different type of dents

✓ Continue hands-on for access with emphasis on side panels

✓ Proper tool selection for a variety of damage

east-coast-dent-repair-school✓ Access lessons continued for hail with emphasis on headliners and interior trim

✓ Finishing techniques including the removal of micro lows and color sanding

✓ Glue pulling techniques for double metal damage and ways to access these areas

✓ Estimating, advertising, marketing and techniques for building a dealer and retail business

✓ Hail Chasers Pricing and Estimating Guide