East Coast Paintless Dent Repair FAQ’s

What Is Paintless Dent Repair and Paintless Dent Removal?

Paintless Dent Removal mistakenly called Dentless Paint Repair, is the preferred method of repair for hail damage repaired vehicles and is approved by every insurance company worldwide. Over the past decade, Paintless Dent Removal has rapidly become the body shop alternative for fixing hail damage, big dents, door dings and all other types of Paintless Dent Repairs. No longer do car and truck owners need to take their vehicle to the body shop, leaving it for several days and spending hundreds of dollars getting a simple door ding or dent repaired. PDR is performed quicker, for less money, and conveniently at your place of business in just minutes. Paintless Dent Removal and Dent Repair is revolutionizing the insurance industry and allowing our customers to profit big time!

How many PDR training students are in each class?

East Coast PDR Training classes usually have two students in each class. We also offer one-on-one PDR Training.

When do you offer Paintless Dent Repair classes?

PDR Training classes start on Monday mornings and end on Friday afternoon. We offer PDR classes year round.

Do you provide ongoing support when I complete my PDR Training?

Support is provided 24/7 by cell phone or email and each and every customer is guaranteed immediate assistance.

Do you offer on-site PDR Training?

In some instances we can travel to your hometown or place of business but at a little bit higher cost.

Will I be working on actual vehicles during training?

Absolutely!  There’s no substitute for learning access on a variety of cars and trucks.

What type of demand is there for Paintless Dent Repair services?

Auto dealers, body shops, detail shops, auto auctions, rental car fleets and the retail public are all potential customers.

What type of financing do you offer?

Call us to learn about in-house financing assistance.

How long does it take to remove a dent?

The average repair time ranges from 15-45 minutes depending upon your skill level and severity of damage.

What are the average charges for PDR?

The average charges range from $125 for retail work to $50-$75 for wholesale work.