hailstorms and tornadoes

Most people will hear the hail and debris before a tornado hits. The final sound is generally the roar of a tornado just as it’s about to hit. The east coast was not spared from any of these sounds and fears as there were states that just as nailed as the normal mid-west states in the tornado belt got. Many reports have come in from North Carolina, Mississippi on through to New York.

In the case of North Carolina, a woman from that area was and heard all of the sounds described, opened her door and witnessed the slicing through the treeline across the street. She slammed her door, grabbed her cell phone and jumped into the bathtub.

These storms continue to rip through the east leaving havoc in their wake which unfortunately includes death. Storm risks remain including the possibility of large hail, damaging winds and flash flooding. States like Mississippi and Alabama were especially hard hit and were warned of widespread destruction and eminent death.

Tens and thousands¬†were¬†left without power in the South as tornadoes ripped through homes and businesses resulting in the death of 17 people in Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee. These could be added to the toll of 18 others in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Iowa. There was one tornado in Louisville, Mississippi where a tornado flattened a day care center. To add insult to injury, Louisville’s major hospital was also among the buildings hit. The hospital itself lost their manager for the facility and were still having to comb through debris looking for other possible victims. Fortunately, the children were accounted for.

This very same destructive storm that hit Mississippi moved towards the states of Florida, Georgia and the Carolina building in size and strength. Even Tennessee was plagued with these storms and tornadoes where there were a reported two deaths as a result.