hailstorms and tornadoes


Even the birthplace of Elvis Presley in Tupelo had major commercial buildings that were leveled and found spread throughout the city. As seen in other states, trees and power lines were brought to their knees. No homes were left un-turned in both residential and commercial districts.

Head out to Lincoln County Tennessee and you will hear of stories such as an elementary school bus being hurled into the school building, at least what was left of it. School was not in session so there were no deaths to report. As would be expected from a trailer park there were two deaths near Athens. Also reported were houses and apartments reduced to rubble and included downed power lines and gas leaks. It seems that if you survived the tornado then you are left with the danger that lays in the wake of hail, flooding and tornadoes like exposed power lines on the streets. Just one wrong step in a puddle of water that has an exposed power line resting on it will surely electrocute a person. As this potential became alarmingly likely, people were told to stay off the roads and in their homes until all potential danger was cleared.

So beyond the shock affect that these terrible tragedies bring, there is recovery. Recovery will eventually bring itself around to damages that have been done to vehicles. Depending on the damage this can mean vehicles in the state of repair from cracked windshields, hail damaged panels and interior flooding. As a PDR Technician, depending on the additional courses taken, can care for many of these damages. Some PDR technicians have been known to chase storms and hopefully, tastefully gain the extra work that can be found in these instances. There’s nothing you can do to stop these storms but there is something you can do to help those that suffered extensive damages to their vehicles.