PDR Technicians had to fully swing from one end of the pendulum to the other. However, in the case of the trespassing charges, the experience for Joe was extremely negative. The appraiser basically bullied him, daily. The appraiser came by, argued the same cheap point, and both Joe and the appraiser walk away from that round, neither winning the battle or the war. It was the same argument day after day and it didn’t look as though there was any hope for a solution. 

The experience became so hostile that Joe had to make a move to somehow end the misery. There are many in the industry that feel this was an extreme solution and don’t completely get behind Joe, but in the end, only Joe knows how aggressive the situation got and only he can make the decision based on the never changing stand-off.

Basically the letter say that “if you come back to this particular address again, you will be arrested by the local police department.” The appraiser will get served with a letter from the Attorney giving the location of the site or property and the harsh warning that whether you are appraising a vehicle for damage, repairs, or estimates, Do Not Step Onto Name Of Business Property!

The good news about going the distance with this appraiser is that all other appraisers hear about it and get the message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated. With all of the bravado the appraiser tries to push, the bottom line is that if they cannot come to your chosen place of work, they don’t make any money. It amazes me that they risk this possibility with every attempt at bullying. Do they simply not care?