As a PDR Technician, you don’t have the time to argue. If the face to face results in the same argument every time, then you will first want to call the appraiser’s manager, if you get no results from this then you will have to go the distance, as Joe did.

Another appraiser trick to watch out for is when the appraiser says that their company is just not able to pay for a certain procedure (s). This is simply not true and is a pathetic attempt of the appraiser to play the blame game. It’s not acceptable and these are the things you will have to fight against.

If you provide exceptional service for your customers, like cleaning their car, washing it, or just wiping down the inside is greatly appreciated and will bring that customer back to you time and time again. Go the distance with your customer’s, give them a reason to want to come back. Dents are a daily mishap and the chances that you could see that customer again depends on the service you provided the last time they were there.

Customers like to get behind a business and will remain loyal as long as they are treated professionally and kindly. Anything extra that you can provide will work to your benefit. Some ideas besides or including the cleaning out of the vehicle would be a free car freshener. Just one of those disks that can be placed under the driver’s seat are inexpensive and will go the distance for you. Pick a neutral scent, nothing too flowery or too masculine. A scent that both men and women like is vanilla. Surveys show that 82% of scents chosen by both male and female is Vanilla. 

Customers leave you feeling excited about their choice to work with you and will remember that for at least a month while that Vanilla wafts through the air reminding them of you but also fresh baked cookies. Both are warm and friendly thoughts.