AMC AMX-1968-’69

These cars are pretty fast and are growing in popularity especially as it is discovered that they are pretty darn fast. To get the 390-cu. in. Go Package Models will cost you a pretty penny, or many. However, just as popular is the non-Go Package which to is a 390 cu. in.. Popularity grows even for the smaller 343 V-8 models, but the 290 V-8 less so. Reproduction parts are readily available, but what is available is not nearly as extensive as say the Mustangs. The awesome thing about this vehicle is that the mechanical parts interchange with those from the Big Three. How they are restored is pretty basic and for American Motors fans, these are considered the AMC muscle cars.


Lincoln Continental-1961-’66

The early sixties Continentals are an all time favorite of collectors. They have an upscale and classy shape which is loved by all meaning there will always be a strong demand for these models. You will have a limited amount of body and trim parts available but on the other hand, you will have unlimited access to mechanical parts. You may not choose this car as one of your first to restore because these were pretty much hand assembled vehicles. In fact, you may find that you have to hire a specialist to piece the car back together correctly. In spite of some of the difficulties that come with restoring these cars, the effort is well worth it as these remain the most sought after four-door luxury cars which can both be easily located and quickly sold. You may want to take if for a cruise before you let it go though. Get your buddies together and take it for a ride, you may not be able to let it go afterwards, so be warned.

lincoln continental