Salty & Sweet? Or Salty And Corrosive? Part I

snow storm salt

Now that Summer is knocking at the door, you need to take a look under the vehicles that you are working on and examine the damage done from the salt and chemicals used to deice the roads. Some areas, like Minnesota and even Denver are very cold and abrasive and cause a great deal of corrosion to the under belly of cars. In addition to the under belly, you need to check the paint. I know they say to spray down your car when you have driven through these salts, sands and chemicals. Well who the heck wants to do that when it’s sub-zero temperatures and doing it will freeze your doors closed. I did this once, only once, I stopped after driving on the highway for hours. A block away from my home, I stopped to spray all of that junk off of my car. The car looked great. By the time I got home, one block, my car doors froze. I was locked in my own car. I couldn’t roll down the electric windows because they were frozen in place. I kept the car running with the defroster on. and high heat. I was toasty and could see out my windows perfectly, but the car door was still frozen. I finally had to call the Fire Department, ugh. They had the deicer stuff for doors and I was out in minutes, fully embarrassed and even offered to pay for their services. These days they would take that money. 

Okay, enough about me, take a look at the foams, adhesives, welds and plugs checking for corrosion. In the collision industry, bad weather all year round, is great for business. You either have ground chemical damage, crashes because of ice, then tornadoes and hail. It’s a year round business which for the PDR Technician spells success. You can literally stay busy year round within this industry.

To find out more on what to do to build your business during the seasons, follow me to Part II.