PDR Technicians: Which Cars Are Best To Restore Part VII

Pontiac Grand Prix-1962

The Pontiac Grand Prix from 1962 is considered a full-size muscle car. Out of all of the Pontiac’s from days of old, this is the favored. The popularity never seems to wane. These are easily half the price of a GTO and is also powered by a 389 cu. in. V8. You can buy all of the mechanical and electrical parts readily, even performance enhancement parts. All parts for the interior, door panels, and trim have been reproduced as well. These sixties-era cars were the most favored when looking for something new and different. They have a very handsome styling and racing heritage that make these the first-year Grand Prix best. There were 30,000 made so their availability is there which means that they will not be hard to find.

Pontiac Grand Prix 1962


Oh how the Cadillac made a splash back in the day. They were the Big, Bold, and Beautiful cars of their time and were called land yachts. These offer the best bang for the buck of any sixties-era collector. You can quite literally find every single mechanical part and all at reasonable prices. Some of the trim parts are a bit hard to find and replacing body panels will have to be done with used parts, but on the positive side, when they are used they are cheaper. Of course that is one way to look at it but in truth you can’t get new panels, no matter how much you pitch a fit. The engines on these car have plenty of power and the spacious interiors can accommodate a family of six, unless of course everyone was really tiny, then I would say a family of eight. Let’s just say they didn’t get their nickname of land yachts for nothing, of course here and now we call the size a big tuna boat. These age old beautiful dinosaurs are going to be within you budget as they are far more affordable than you would think, especially since the brand Cadillac is ever growing in precision and beauty.


PDR Technicians: Which Cars Are Best To Restore Part VI

Chevrolet Camaro-1967-’69

The Chevy Camaro is probably, outside of the Mustang, one of the most memorable vehicles ever made. That is of course as they pertain to muscle cars. Both are sleek and eye catching. Also, both you can easily find all parts for which includes the panels, trim, mechanical, and electrical parts. the 1969 Camaro is unanimously recognized as the go to hot rod of its day and ours. There will always be a huge demand for these cars which is the good news and the bad. If you can find one, completely rusted out and basically useless, you will not pay less than $2,500. They are just that much in demand.  But if you do find one there is a huge aftermarket for performance parts for them. You could not ask for more. This car will go down in history as one of the most sought after cars, ever. I could tell you stories for days about these cars. Oh, the good old days.


Dodge Challenger-1972-’73

The Dodge Challenger has been given second bill compared to the first choice which is the Cuda. Mopar fanatics seem to prefer the Cuda but the Challenger is actually the better car. With its detail and more upscale look, you would think that this would have won the challenge hands down. The reproduction of parts continues to grow, making even the rustiest project car salvageable. The later models have the small-block V-8’s are the most affordable to buy and the easiest to find. The E-bodies have grown in popularity and therefore the demand is outrageous. There is one thing to consider when restoring this vehicle, they must be restored to factory-original or else the value of the vehicle isn’t worth the effort.


PDR Technicians: Which Cars Are Best To Restore Part IV

AMC AMX-1968-’69

These cars are pretty fast and are growing in popularity especially as it is discovered that they are pretty darn fast. To get the 390-cu. in. Go Package Models will cost you a pretty penny, or many. However, just as popular is the non-Go Package which to is a 390 cu. in.. Popularity grows even for the smaller 343 V-8 models, but the 290 V-8 less so. Reproduction parts are readily available, but what is available is not nearly as extensive as say the Mustangs. The awesome thing about this vehicle is that the mechanical parts interchange with those from the Big Three. How they are restored is pretty basic and for American Motors fans, these are considered the AMC muscle cars.


Lincoln Continental-1961-’66

The early sixties Continentals are an all time favorite of collectors. They have an upscale and classy shape which is loved by all meaning there will always be a strong demand for these models. You will have a limited amount of body and trim parts available but on the other hand, you will have unlimited access to mechanical parts. You may not choose this car as one of your first to restore because these were pretty much hand assembled vehicles. In fact, you may find that you have to hire a specialist to piece the car back together correctly. In spite of some of the difficulties that come with restoring these cars, the effort is well worth it as these remain the most sought after four-door luxury cars which can both be easily located and quickly sold. You may want to take if for a cruise before you let it go though. Get your buddies together and take it for a ride, you may not be able to let it go afterwards, so be warned.

lincoln continental