PDR Technicians: Which Cars Are Best To Restore Part V

Ford Model A-1928-’31

This was the hot car of the pre-war era. Much the way the Mustang was in the post-war era. Absolutely every part that you need to work on this vehicle is available, including the new body panels and all trim pieces. There are also a growing number of performance cylinder heads and five speed gearboxes available for these. Since there was a huge production run on these means that there plenty of cars to choose from and relatively cheap. In addition, there are car clubs that work predominantly on these relics that are glad to give advice and even possibly lend a hand for a good meal. Because they are built much like a box, they are very easy to rebuild, especially for a PDR Technician. Easy to get to dents make life a whole lot easier and quicker for resell. Roadsters and Coupes seem to bring the most money when reselling, but you could easily add the Ford or Sedan because their market value is equally good. These will still be better served as a practice vehicle for your PDR Techniques as the Model A market is over saturated due to their popularity and availability.


Packard — 1951-’54

Cars made in the 1950’s will continue to climb in their popularity, and the best of all are the models with the Packard Plate. These are all beautifully styled cars that are very well constructed, with a ton of detailing throughout. Nearly every mechanical and electrical parts can be bought brand new, and for much lower than you would think. Of course with the good news comes the bad and that is that body and trim parts are a bit difficult to locate. You really have to know where to look and even have connections in those places if you plan on restoring more than one. If you belong to a good car club, they will keep records on where to go and who to ask for, so this should move things along more quickly. Selling a well-restored Packard is very quick and easy so will be a cash cow when times are rough or you’re ready for your next project. Try to find someone else to test drive it for you because once you do you never want to get rid of it. There is something so very special about these cars, you feel like Royalty behind the wheel.


PDR Technicians: Which Cars Are Best To Restore Part II


Deciding on which car you want to work with is widely shaped by what you have always loved. If you can afford this luxury then good for you. If, for example, you would like a car that is easy to restore and pretty cheap in comparison to more difficult cars, then these are the cars for you. If you intend to turn a quick profit then these cars will serve you well and become your lifesaver. 

Be warned that these cars will not make you stand out in a crowd nor will you go cruising down the boulevard with these. What you will do is make a quick buck and eventually be able to get the car of your dreams for restoration, if that is your goal. When shopping for the vehicle that you will restore, you need to be prepared to pay up to $5,000 for them. Even though you and the entire world can see what buckets they are, you will be able to make four and sometimes more times than what you paid for them. They are quick, easy and relatively cheap, and with an extensive line of reproduction parts, especially new body panels and exterior trim, makes restoring these cars wonderfully straight forward. So sink your teeth in and let’s get going. These are not listed in any particular order.

Buick Riviera-1963-1965

This is a stunning American made car of the post-war era. The fine lines and styling that went into this type of car are attracting more people daily to start restoring them. You will pay a premium for them, especially the 1964-1965 versions as they have the dual-quad carb setup. You will find that there are several companies that are offering reproduction parts, which of course will make any future restorations less difficult that they have been. You will be able to find replacement panels and trim as well as reproduction seat covers and door panels. An early sixties Riviera will only grow in popularity and remain on the most wanted list.