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Auto Detailing Training

Auto Detailing Training

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Auto Detailing Training

In our training facility, our sole focus is on empowering you with the skills and knowledge essential for success in the auto detailing industry. Our all-encompassing Auto Detailing Training program spans the basics of car washing to cutting-edge polishing and waxing techniques. You’ll acquire valuable insights into the array of products and equipment employed in the industry and grasp the precise application methods. Guided by our seasoned auto detailing instructors, you’ll receive hands-on training and tailored feedback to enhance your abilities and elevate your self-assurance. Upon finishing our program, you’ll be equipped with the requisite tools and proficiency to excel in this dynamic and fulfilling sector.

Auto Detailing Training: Elevate to Certified Pro Level

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Founded in 1993, East Coast Dent Repair School has evolved into the largest Auto Appearance School in the nation. Operating across numerous campuses nationwide, we proudly stand as the sole school accredited (Certification #3013591) by the Bureau For Private Post Secondary and Vocational Education, along with various State Agencies. Our all-encompassing Auto Appearance Repair offerings are tailored to meet the varied requirements of our esteemed clientele.

Cleaning Courses

Interior Cleaning Training:

  • Hot Water Extractor for Carpet & Seats
  • Vinyl Dressing of All Interior Components
  • Stain Removal
  • Carpet Dyeing
  • Vacuuming
  • Dashboards & Headliner Conditioning
  • Leather Cleaning & Conditioning Process
  • Glass Cleaning Techniques
  • Odor Removal
  • Techniques for Cleaning Nooks & Crevicesd
odor removal being performed on interior of a vehicle.

Interior Cleaning

Immerse yourself in our all-inclusive auto detailing training program, presenting an extensive spectrum of techniques paired with cutting-edge equipment. Uncover the secrets of harnessing a hot water extractor for profound carpet and seat cleansing, while also mastering the art of applying vinyl dressing to rejuvenate interior elements. Acquire proficiency in conquering persistent stains and even delve into carpet dyeing. Elevate your prowess in vacuuming, conditioning dashboards, and headliners, treating and maintaining leather surfaces, revitalizing glass clarity, eradicating odors, and acquiring the finesse to clean challenging nooks and crannies.

Exterior Cleaning Training:

  • Preparing for The Wash
  • Wheel Cleaning & Polishing
  • Cleaning & Dressing Exterior Trim
  • Door Jambs Degreasing
  • The Engine Compartment
  • Proper Use of Polishers & Buffers
  • What Detail Chemicals to Use
  • The Final Inspection
student polishing driver side door

Exterior Cleaning

Encompassing a diverse array of subjects, our all-encompassing auto detailing program ensures you’re armed with essential expertise. Spanning from wash preparation to wheel cleaning and polishing, exterior trim revitalization, dressing, meticulous door jamb degreasing, and even comprehensive engine compartment cleaning, our program has it all covered. We’ll provide expert guidance on employing polishers and buffers effectively, offering recommendations for optimal detail chemicals, and teaching you the art of conducting a thorough final inspection to consistently uphold the utmost quality standards in your work.

Multi-Surface Towels


Colors are strategically coordinated and designed to enhance work efficiency and ease of use, eliminating any potential confusion:

  • Yellow Towels: Ideal for interior cleaning, leathers, and interior trim applications.
  • Blue Towels: Designed for achieving streak-free, crystal-clear glass surfaces.
  • Black Towels: Intended for heavy-duty tasks such as engine bays, wheels, and dirty areas on vehicles.
  • Grey Towels: Best suited for use with Revivify and other coating products, offering excellent leveling for coatings.
  • Green Towels: Specifically tailored for exterior paint tasks, including compound and polish removal processes.

Premium Microfiber Towels

Introducing our 16”x16” Multi-Surface Towel – the ultimate microfiber cleaning towel designed for versatile tasks. Engineered with professional cleaners, compounds, polishes, and coatings in mind, these premium microfiber towels are meticulously crafted to deliver outstanding results.

Setting our towels apart from other all-purpose microfiber options, ours stand in a class of their own. They are carefully designed to be exceptionally soft, highly absorbent, and remarkably durable. Their lint-free composition consists of countless split fibers, allowing for precise and effective cleaning without causing abrasion.

Rest assured, our microfiber towels are safe for use on a variety of surfaces, including automotive paints, high shine and gloss finishes, windows, as well as smooth and coarse surfaces. Beyond that, these towels are also trusted in the aeronautic and marine industries, ensuring their reliability and effectiveness.

Our Mission

Our Objective Is Clear

At East Coast Dent Repair School, our commitment is to provide unparalleled excellence that goes beyond your anticipations. Our educational journey is meticulously crafted to deliver the utmost contentment. Our auto detailing training packages, equipped with cutting-edge features, are designed for both simplicity and innovation. We stand proudly at the forefront of the industry, delivering superior training, state-of-the-art equipment, and an adept team of experts. Our customer service team is wholly devoted to guaranteeing your absolute contentment, for it lies at the heart of East Coast Dent Repair School. Our ultimate aspiration is to aid you in realizing your ambitions.

Complimentary ceramic coating training. Complete Reconditioning Bundle. This Package Encompasses Training Solely. Equipment Can Be Bought Separately.

  1. Competitively priced detailing packages featuring top-tier equipment and premium detailing chemicals.
  2. Structured auto detailing training programs with limited class sizes for comprehensive learning in less time.
  3. Instructors with extensive auto detailing experience, delivering the highest industry standards.
  4. Over a decade of experience in retail shop and mobile detailing across various auto appearance aspects.
  5. Continual technical support for Dent Repair School graduates to ensure ongoing success.
  6. State-licensed business classes provide a competitive edge in the industry.
  7. Exclusive operations manual to guide business establishment and growth with confidentiality.
  8. East Coast Dent Repair School is BBB-accredited and a member of 15 trade associations, ensuring quality training and customer care.
  9. Hands-on experience on real vehicles with master instructors for practical learning.
  10. Numerous satisfied graduates realize their dream of operating successful businesses.

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