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Ceramic Coating System

Enhance Your Offerings with the CK1 Ceramic Coating System Chemical Package "ADD-ON"

CK1 Ceramic Coating System Add-On

At the forefront of the Auto Appearance Industry stands East Coast Dent Repair School, a true trailblazer offering state-of-the-art technology to elevate your ability to exceed customer expectations. Introducing our latest 2023 breakthrough: CK1’s Advanced Ceramic Coating System. Its seamless base coat / top coat application has garnered worldwide recognition for its remarkable capabilities. Embrace the ease of application and relish in results that endure, providing unmatched protection for more than 5 years.

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Ceramic Coating Opportunity

Ceramic Coating Training & Equipment

  • 1 Day of Ceramic Coating Training
  • Vehicle Ceramic Coating Application
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Business Development

Learn to Repair:

  • Importance of Proper Paint Correction
  • Determining the Thickness of the Paint
  • Proper Application or Base Coat and Top Coats
  • How to determine what grit sandpaper and when
  • Techniques for the Perfect Showroom Appearance

Our CK1 Ceramic Coatings Course is taught by a highly experienced auto detail professional with over 30 years of expertise.

  • 1 Day of Ceramic Coating Training
  • CK1 Ceramic Coatings System Application
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Business Development

The Definitive Two-Component Ceramic Coating System

Presenting CK1: The Pinnacle Two-Component Ceramic Coating System. Our cutting-edge innovation seamlessly merges a base coat and top coat system, enabling the creation of numerous layers of defense within a single, enduring surface. CK1 signifies a groundbreaking transformation in automotive protective coatings, standing as our most sophisticated solution to date. Immerse yourself in the unmatched resilience and strength of CK1 today.

Hands-On Training for Our Ceramic Coating System

Enhance your abilities through our thorough hands-on Ceramic Coating Training program, encompassing every facet of preparing and applying ceramic coatings. Our panel of Certified Experts will equip you with the instruction and certification essential for mastering CK1 Ceramic Coatings. By merging our exceptional Ceramic Coating training with premium products, you’ll gain the insights and skills required to establish a prosperous Ceramic Coating business.

Ceramic Coating System

The CK1 Ceramic Coatings System transcends conventional paint protection, waxes, and sealants. Unlike fleeting remedies that fade or deteriorate, CK1 represents a groundbreaking nano-ceramic coating that establishes an enduring connection with your paint. This state-of-the-art coating defies dissolution by any chemical and can solely be eliminated via abrasion. With CK1, relish in the assurance of enduring vehicle protection that perseveres through time’s trials.

Hardness Above 9H

The layer takes on a glass-like quality, crafting an incredibly robust shield characterized by a hardness rating surpassing 9H, the pinnacle on the industry-standard scale used to gauge coating durability. When upheld with proper care, this remarkable hardness endures a lifetime.

Super Gloss & Super Hydrophobic

This product delivers an unmatched radiance that surpasses all others in the market. Its luminosity is genuinely captivating and deserves firsthand observation to be fully appreciated.

One-On-One Ceramic Coating Training

We stand as the exclusive training school providing personalized training, tailoring our focus to one individual at a time. Why settle for group training when you can receive the undivided attention you deserve at our school, all for the same price? Allow us to introduce the CK1 Ceramic Coatings System – an innovative product meticulously designed to deliver unmatched radiance, effortless maintenance, and enduring protection to all surfaces.

With CK1 nano coatings, you’re assured of an extraordinary 9H hardness, setting the bar for cutting-edge nanotechnology across exterior paint finishes, interior surfaces, wheels, glass, and trim. Our comprehensive protection and lasting brilliance will ensure your vehicle maintains its optimal appearance for years to come.

CK1 Ceramic Coating Class

CK1 Ceramic Coatings logo

Course Details:

  • Explore the Background and Evolution of Ceramic Coatings
  • Get Acquainted with Current Industry Standards
  • Distinguishing Ceramic Coatings from Polymers and Waxes Dispelling Common Coating Myths
  • Effective Communication of Services and Client Pricing
  • Specialized Care for Matte/Satin Vinyl Wrap Finishes
  • Strategies for Re-coating Situations
  • Unveiling the True Lifespan of Coatings
  • Understanding the Significance of Coating Hardness Ratings
  • Options for Single and Multiple-Layer Coatings
  • Enhancing Plastic Trim with Coating
  • Coating Techniques for Wheels and Calipers
  • Achieving Glass Brilliance with Coatings
  • Textile and Leather Enhancement with Coatings
  • Navigating Environmental Factors and Curing Periods
  • Crafting Effective Maintenance Plans
  • Guiding Clients on Appropriate Maintenance Products
  • Balancing Classroom Presentation and Hands-On Experience
  • Limited Class Capacity of 4 Students Upon Completion
  • Earn a Recognized East Coast Dent Repair School Certification

CK1 Ceramic Coating Training

This course provides extensive insights into CK1 Ceramic Coatings products and procedures, accompanied by interactive, practical applications. To maximize the advantages of the CK1 Ceramic Coatings class, we suggest considering enrollment in our paint correction course prior to attending.

The most advanced nanoceramic coating system in the world.

Introducing CK1 – an automotive protective coating system that stands as the pinnacle of nanoceramic technology. As a global leader in this field, CK1 continuously pushes boundaries and builds upon its unmatched reputation.

What distinguishes CK1 is its revolutionary two-component ceramic coating system. By amalgamating multiple layers into a single, resilient surface, CK1 delivers unmatched performance.

With double the durability, integrity, and longevity of conventional nanoceramic coatings, CK1 emerges as the ultimate choice for automotive protection. Embrace the future of ceramic coatings with CK1 – a testament to innovation and excellence. Learn how to use CK1 Ceramic Coatings in our Ceramic Coatings Training Course.

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