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The very first thing that you need to do in your business is to sit down and define what sets you apart from your competition. As a newly graduated PDR Technician, you have a self described business that has not yet suffered the over saturation that most businesses have. Your industry is still a relatively new one but if you are located in a large metropolitan area you may have the lion’s share of the business within your town. With this fact in mind, you will need to find a creative way to let your potential clients know that you are special and can offer a better deal or service than any of the others.

Healthy competition is good, it inspires those that are competing to not be complacent. To always be on their toes and be willing to take it a step farther, to push the envelope a little harder, and to step out of the comfort zone a little longer.

Your identity as a professional depends greatly on your ability to brand yourself successfully. What do you stand for and what is your mission? Who is your potential target? Your research will go a long way to understand the pain points of your target. Are you in a hailstorm state? Are you in a state that has a high accident rate? Why is it a bad or high accident state? Certainly you can see how imperative it is to do the research and by doing so you will know how you should move forward with your marketing efforts.

Being creative does not necessarily equate to lower prices. Perhaps in the way that you present your business, for instance a package deal. You can use two or three of the services you offer and make it sound incredibly tempting. Your cost on most services is so minimal that it provides a lot of lead way in dropping the cost down. So be creative with your advertising and they will come. Any questions? Contact Dent Repair School and we can give you many more options to consider.

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