Even A Water Car Will Need A PDR Technician

Water Car

There’s a fun guy named Dave in California who has dedicated his personal ambitions on developing a “WaterCar.” ¬†His interest in restoration has been long standing, but when he restored a 1960’s Amphicar back in the 70’s, he discovered that there was a lot that was wrong with its design. It was only capable of going six miles per hour and leaked horribly. Since that time, in fact 20 years later, the design was developing in his head and then finally to paper followed by the actual water proof vehicle.

It has the looks of a Jeep but then departs from there as it has a custom-made chassis and a proprietary body/hull design. This design allows the vehicle to be taken from land directly into the water with the ability to zip away in the water waiting for it. Imagine being able to water-ski, or water-tube all over the water behind the WaterCar that is going 40 miles per hour.

It takes great passion and dedication to see an idea come into fruition. These vehicles are in production now and will come in a kit form for you to assemble. You will also be responsible for the power that goes into it. Basically you are getting the shell and of course the custom-made chassis. You can find the kit at watercar.com. Imagine being the only person in your city and state to build such a vehicle? Imagine being the only PDR Technician that can be used to do the repairs on such a vehicle?

This vehicle has the potential to take off as a Summer sports mobile and the sooner you get your name attached to its discovery in your area, the sooner your business will soar. It never hurts to walk into a shop, introducing yourself, sharing the website and then offer your services. You should already be involved with Car Shows where restoration groups run rampant. Introduce this or something like this and be the “Go To” person. Step outside of the box, be creative, and watch your business take flight, or sail into the sunset. Either way, only you can do it. If a person has a pulse at a Car Show, they should have your card. Happy hunting and/or sailing.


PDR Technicians: Which Cars Are Best To Restore Part I


In the PDR profession you should be visiting car shows and speaking with car enthusiast’s from all over. Your expertise fits perfectly with these Classic fans and you want to be sure that you are giving them as much contact with your business as possible. The only way you’re going to succeed with this plan is to be where they go and know what you are talking about. Knowing what you are talking about may be the hardest part of this equation, but I am here to give you 32 quick lessons on what cars are the best to restore. This will be important when going to work with a fan of classics. If you know your limitations from the beginning, then you will know how effective you will be when supporting the Classic enthusiast. It’s not always the concern of the Classic Car Enthusiast with regards to how much it cost’s to recondition a vehicle. Many of the wealthy have no concern for the cost and delve into an unlimited bucket of funds. But, for the rest of us, restoring a Classic is a long and hard struggle, as the funds are not so easily available. Imagine that you are reconditioning a vehicle and discover that parts for the vehicle of choice are not readily available and if you can find them, the cost of said parts is prohibitive. The only solution to such a problem is to have knowledge of which classic vehicle’s have the exact opposite affect on yours or your potential client’s wallet. ¬†Being in the know is impressive and could very well launch your career as the ‘go to’ for all things Classic. Let’s get started on making economic sense:

The obvious allure of restoring a classic car is to see its transformation from an abandoned rusty bucket to a dazzling vision of beauty. You can’t help but fall in love with the process and the car. It becomes your baby and you are bound by its every need.

Follow me to Part II as we continue our journey.